Apple’s WWDC 2016 – What to expect?

We’re in June and the highlight of this month for every tech geek and Apple fanboy is the WWDC. Apple has sent out press invitations for its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference from June 13-17 – the launch pad for Apple’s latest products.

Usually rumours flood the interweb and everyone always knows exactly what to expect, but this year rumours have been minimal at best. The only one of note is that MacBook Pro will be getting an overhaul – it’s been years since we’ve seen any drastic changes in the line. The WWDC wouldn’t be complete without an iPhone launch, so even though we’ve heard and seen little of the iPhone 7, it’ll definitely be launched. It’s unfortunate you don’t find the next iPhone lying at a bar anymore.

Let’s look at the rumours we do know of surrounding the new devices: The new MacBook Pro is said to come with an OLED touch-sensitive bar over the keyboard that should create a new way of interacting with your laptop. The iPhone 7 can’t possibly get any thinner but it may do away with the headphone jack to shave a few millimeters off, something that’s been rumoured for quite some time. The overall design will probably remain the same if some leaked renders are to be believed, with some changes to the antenna line. Apple for once may be following rather than leading as far as camera tech goes with a dual camera similar to Huawei’s P9 that sports a Leica dual camera.

There has also been talk of an Apple Music overhaul, what that entails though is anybody’s guess. I’m sure the Apple Watch will also be spoken about but we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest news, so stay tuned.



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