Apple TV may finally get 4K and HDR support

Apple TV and Watch rumors to give you a break from the iPhone 8

The dream of 4K and HDR support for the Apple TV could soon be a reality. A newly discovered string of code suggests Apple TV will finally get the upgrade. The digital media player is a highly contentious box: Apple fanboys love to hate it. It was amazing when it first came out but has been slow to update over the years.

The Apple HomePod’s firmware leaked some time back revealing a lot of information for the new iPhone 8. On a closer look at the code, developer Guilherme Rambo discovered references to both 4K and HDR support in an upcoming Apple TV model. HDR support for the Apple TV seems to be particularly broad. The media player’s code mentions support for Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma formats, so the odds are that HDR’s enhanced picture quality will be available even if your TV only has limited compatibility.

Competitor Roku added HDR support nearly a year ago. As usual, Apple won’t be the first to join the race but it will definitely do its competition one better. Roku specifically supports HRD10 and Apple TV will most likely support a wider range of HDR formats to cater to a larger variety of TVs and media services. What’s Apple trying to do? It wants you to enjoy the best possible quality of picture regardless of what you’re watching and the TV you’re watching it on.

Another discovery in the firmware made by Jeffrey Grossman points towards the Apple Watch. The code suggests upcoming support for an embedded SIM, backing rumours that the next Apple Watch will have a cellular data option. A “radio bundle” mention might support the claim, too. It’s the obvious next evolution for the Apple Watch. Expect the rumour mill to keep churning until Apple’s next big event, likely to be held in autumn.



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