Android O could get its official name next week

Octopus, Oreo or none of the above?

Android O Mashable
The lad's over at Mashable seem to be confident the next Android version will be called Oreo.

Google naming its Android versions has always been a big deal. Last year too, the guessing game leading up to the name Nougat went on for quite a while.

Android O naming has a date

Android O 8.0 is said to be named very soon. Well, actually in little over a week from now. This little snippet of news comes from Android Police‘s David Ruddock.

Tweeting ethically, Ruddock stated that he can’t confirm the reliability of his source but did reveal the date as Monday, August 21. The date is also special because this year August 21 is the day people (in the US) will see a total solar eclipse, which was last visible more than 100 years ago on that side of the world.

David also went on to state that this year there might be more than just a statue around the release.

While Google’s Android versions have always been named after desserts, there is another option floating around.

What is Android O going to be called? 



Android Octopus
Could the next version be Android Octopus? (Image Source)

On one hand the above Octopus theory could make sense. It’s the eighth version of Android and an Octopus has eight tentacles. On the other hand there seems to be no reason for Android to move away from desserts. The Oreo theory (featured image) seems to make the most sense.

What do you think the next Android version could be called? Let us know below.