Android ditches 3.5mm jack before Apple

USB Type-C but with 3.5mm jack

At the beginning of this year rumours appeared that Apple plans to ditch the standard 3.5mm jack. All the Androidians had a big laugh and we all went back to using our 3.5mm jack headphones at work or at home. But it turns out Android has beaten Apple to this.

LeEco no 3.5mm jack
Notice the USB Type C to 3.5mm converter on the bottom left of the image. This adapter is included in the box of the LeEco Pro 2

LeEco (previously known as LeTV) has revealed three new phones — Le 2, Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2 — in China that don’t use a 3.5mm jack and instead use the USB Type-C digital headphones through the charging port.

LeEco USB Type-C headphones without 3.5mm jack

A few days ago, JBL announced the Reflect Aware C sports earbuds, which also have an Apple-compatible Lightning connector version. Apart from the JBL and the headphones announced for these devices, there isn’t really much for consumers to use. Maybe this is a sign that the market trend is about to change as audio quality with these headphones is superior to that provided by a 3.5mm jack, due to their lossless nature. But then again, we would have to choose between charging the phone and listening to our music.

The practicality of this design is yet to be seen. Till then, keep an eye on this space for further updates.