You’re going to have four iPhones to choose from this year

One of them's a new SE

Rumours of multiple iPhones to come this year keep fluctuating between 3-4 phones.

The rumours mills have been churning out theories on what’s to come when it concerns Apple and its iPhones. The latest reports suggest we could be looking at as many as four iPhones to choose from this year.

No more iPhone X? 

Recent rumours had suggested that due to the lackluster performance of the iPhone X, the device was all set to be cancelled. However, a report put forward by The Investor suggests the iPhone X not only continue but also be joined by two new devices. Both will be OLED, sized at 5.85 and 6.46 inches respectively.

The adage of OLED devices comes thanks to an increase in OLED display manufacturers in the market right now. The Investor claims to have this news from “industry sources”, so don’t bother holding your breath for any kind of proper verification.

iPhone SE 2018

On the other hand, an analyst from DigiTimes is of the opinion that Apple is currently developing four devices, out of which 3 will be released. According to Digitimes Research senior analyst Luke Lin, the phones being worked on are a 5.7- to 5.8-inch LCD device; a 6.0- to 6.1-inch LCD device; a 6.0- to 6.1-inch OLED device; and a 6.4- to 6.5-inch OLED device.

Apparently Apple was initially leaning towards the release of two OLED devices and one LCD, but has now shifted to two LCD devices and one OLED. This does match last year’s pattern, considering the 8 and 8 Plus were LCD devices and the iPhone X was the company’s first OLED device.

Lin also states that Apple is working on getting back into the entry-level segment with the iPhone SE 2018. The device will feature a glass back for wireless charging and will be released earlier than all other devices, most probably in spring.