New Xbox One Sports controller will bring out the athlete in you

Looking to add a sporty look to your Xbox?


Microsoft has announced the first controller of the brand-new Xbox One Sports controller series. Called the Sport White Special Edition, this special controller ditches the standard black colours and opts for a metallic white finish.

Minty fresh

Microsoft and Xbox claim that this new Xbox One Sports controller is inspired by modern trends in athletics and sports lifestyles. The controller comes with the same white base shade as the Xbox Design Lab. However, the buttons, joysticks, and d-pad are coloured mint, gray and silver. The back of the Sport White Special Edition comes rubberised for improved grip.

Pure aesthetics

North American players can also buy The Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand for an additional $50 (Dh184). However, the stand is simply an aesthetic upgrade, as it will not charge any faster. The benefit is that it is specifically coloured to match the overall design of The Sport White Special Edition controller. The stand will still be compatible with Xbox’s other controllers and is available from August 7.

The controller will cost $70 and be available in the US and Canada from July 31, releasing worldwide on August 7. In certain countries, the controller will also include a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.


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