A new Move controller to go with PlayStation VR


Sony is holding a big launch event on September 7 in New York City where we are expected to learn all about the 4K-ready PlayStation Neo, the PlayStation 4 Slim and we may also be treated to an updated PlayStation Move controller. News comes in through UploadVR, a VR gaming focused news site, that a filing at an Indonesian certification agency by Sony for the PlayStation Move was recently executed using a different model number than the previous filing. This means the product in question will receive an update and/or modification of some sort, differing from its predecessor. A new certification was also requested for the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller, so we can expect an update on that front as well.

The Move controllers were released in 2010 as part of a temporary shift in gaming thanks to Nintendo’s Wii console. It wasn’t as amazing as VR, but it was different and everyone thought it could be the next big thing. Microsoft launched the Kinect as an answer but both these products eventually fizzled out due to a lack of unique captivation motion-based gaming was able to provide at the time.

Sony luckily had its VR handsets ready before they would have even begun work on VR gaming. Our London Heist experience with PlayStation VR at this year’s MEFCC proved that Sony was able to find a great use for the Move controllers as a user’s hands within games. We used it to shoot, reload, look around and pick up things and interact with practically everything in the environment. At that point, it was clear that the six-year technology will definitely require an update once Sony’s VR headsets hit the market along with a suite of top-tier games made specifically for it.


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