It might be time to bid your dermatologist goodbye

This skin-scanning iPhone attachment is a lot cheaper


Neutrogena is a company that needs no introduction when it comes to conventional skincare. But now that it’s decided to make an app and announce a device that can scan your skin, it’s come to our attention.

The Skin Scanner is a device that attaches to your iPhone, scans and analyses your skin to tell you what you need to make it better. Guess where its recommendations come from. Yup, Neutrogena.

What is it?

It is a camera-like device that attaches to the top of an iPhone, and takes a magnified image of your skin to measure its moisture content. Then, Neutrogena’s own AI-enabled app called Skin360 analyzes the data from the image and rates your skin from 0 to 100 and lets you know how it can be improved or how it’s improving.

The device uses 12 LED lights, a 30x magnifier and a moisture detector at the edge of the camera. Just place it directly against your skin and shoot away. The resulting closeups will show you where your skin needs treatment or how your current treatment is affecting your skin.

Once you receive a rating on your skin after having it compared against the AI database, you can choose to improve it. Choosing to do so takes you to Neutrogena’s online store, when you can pick up the necessary products to fix your “problems”.

How much is it?

Neutrogena will be showcasing the tech at CES 2018, and good news is that it’s not expensive. It will retail at $50 (Dh184) and is said to launch in the summer of this year.


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