Netflix testing a new “Ultra” pricing tier

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Netflix has grown from a DVD rental company to the foremost streaming service in the world. Being a subscription-based business, a little experimenting with its packages are normal. Netflix has slowly increased its price over the years, rarely with much user outrage thanks to its extensive library of original content and others.

Netflix pricing: what’s changing?

We haven’t seen a new pricing tier from Netflix in a long time. News from Europe suggests we could soon be treated to an Ultra Package from Netflix. Its highest pricing tier has popped up in parts of Europe as a testing ground. Pricing seems to vary from country to country, and also from browser to browser.

Some users saw the above (with possibly different pricing), while others saw its Premium plan’s streaming reduced to a maximum of two devices at once. It also removed the HDR option and the Standard HD-only plan to a single device. The new Ultra tier consistently offered 4K with HDR and a maximum of four streams. Pricing can range from €13.99 (about Dh60) to €16.99, and users will get access to High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. This information comes to us thanks to

Netflix pricing: what’s next?

The tests have been confirmed to CNET by Netflix, which said, “In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.” What seems to be happening here is Netflix trying a very convoluted way to increase it’s overall prices. If it went ahead and just increased all the plans, there could potentially be a backlash. At this point Netflix wants nothing but positive publicity. By testing all these permutations and combinations, it will figure out a way to get its users to choose to pay more, thinking they’re upgrading and without any backlash. Genius as always, Netflix.

We’ll know more when this leaves its testing grounds and hits our shores.


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