Netflix, chill and share it on Instagram


Ever felt there was a level of sharing missing from your Netflix binges? The world’s most popular streaming site is poised to fix that. Social buzz and word-of-mouth are extremely important contributors to Netflix’s ever-growing library of content. Especially so in parts of the world where Netflix isn’t buying billboards promoting Punisher’s Season 2.

Share what you’re watching on Instagram Stories

Netflix’s iOS app has begun rolling out an Instagram Stories integration. This allows anyone watching a show to be able to share it on their Stories. Prepare for a new kind of sponsored content from your neighborhood influencer. To use the feature, simply open the Netflix app, go to a show or movie’s info page, tap the share icon and choose Instagram Stories. 


Once you’ve clicked on the share button, an image from show or movie you’re watching will be pop-up within the Instagram app. From here, users will be able to edit the story, like with any other Stories post. Then off it goes to the public or a direct message.

Viewers of the story can tap on it and go straight to the main page on the Netflix app of that show or movie. All this is currently only available through its iOS app. There’s no reason to assume it won’t be rolled out for Android very soon. If our iOS users have already gotten the update, let us know if you’ve used it and how it is.


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