Netflix adds a download button for offline viewing

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Netflix finally allows its US subscribers to download content so they can play it back while offline. Netflix has stayed clear from this feature for some time now even though it’s been a major ask. This doesn’t apply to all available content on Netflix yet nor is it for subscribers outside the States. We can be sure that over time it will spread to the UAE and the rest of the world.


Netflix opened up to the world and subscribers in emerging markets have unreliable connectivity, if it all, when they are on the move. Lower quality internet can also effect the quality of their stream. The download button will allow Netflix to cross a significant barrier of access and streaming quality. When something is available offline, a download button will appear. Netflix groups all available content in a tab so you know exactly what can be available offline. There’s a mix of original and outsider content.

Netflix isn’t using this offline mode as a means of making more money. It will be available to all subscription levels. There is a difference in what you would see in streaming and what downloads. At ‘Standard’, the resolution is lower than usual and even at ‘Higher’ it doesn’t download at the highest resolution. This makes sense considering how long it would take and the minimum required bandwidth.