MSI launches a sponsorship program for gaming teams in the Middle East

MSI Team Dragon

MSI makes some of the best gaming laptops out there today and they’re geared towards the quintessential gamers. Taking their love for gaming and their ardent fans one step further, MSI has announced a new sponsorship program for enthusiastic and high potential amateur gaming teams in the Middle East. The world of eSports is a huge industry across the globe today and it’s growing in our little corner of the world. MSI has taken note with this new initiative.

The sponsorship program will include the support of MSI’s gaming rigs, tailor-made uniforms and team branded promotions. The application for the program starts April 17th and goes on till May 17th. Applications will need to be completed and submitted through MSI’s online system before the deadline of May 17th. All aspects of the candidates will be carefully evaluated and MSI will send an official notice to 25 qualified teams.

“MSI is a true gaming brand and has the sound and systematic knowledge in cultivating and managing gaming teams. Many gaming teams are suffering uncountable hardships on their way to success. Through this sponsorship program, all amateurs gaming teams would have a chance to be stronger! MSI spares no effort to collaborate with those worldwide gaming teams who dare to fight for their dreams,” says Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Director.

MSI is offering a year-long sponsorship contract with some very sweet benefits. MSI gaming rigs, peripherals and free replacement service as per each team’s sponsored gear is part of the goodies. The team uniforms will be created with each team’s identity in mind and emphasizing unity and equality, designed by MSI. Teams will have the support of MSI’s social media in promoting their individual brands along with promotions in campus events, tournaments and other occasions.



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