The MSI GE63, GE73 Raider and GT75 VR are here

Two new powerhouses from the gaming hardware specialist


For a while now, MSI has been one of the go-to brands for those looking to purchase a gaming laptop. The brand’s GE series, in particular, has proved a common favourite. This time, MSI has released the new GE63 and the GE73 Raider with a new design concept and identity. Their design is inspired by exotic sports cars, with an angular aesthetic looking to be a game changer for enthusiasts all over.

The GT75 VR has also made its long awaited debut in the market. This beast is a desktop in a laptop bag. This model has come to set the bar and set it high.

MSI GE63, GE73 Raider and GT75 VR: Features

One of the newest improvements to the GE and the GT series is the new MSI Cooler Boost 5. This technology comprises dual thermal modules, dual whirlwind blade fans with multiple heat pipes and airflows to efficiently keep your machine cool.

Dynaudio’s Giant Speakers are making a debut on these laptops. These speakers offer five times the full range chamber and are three times bigger than the last speakers MSI used. Thanks to them, you can expect up to 50 per cent more volume while playing. With two oversized speakers and a pair of woofers, the laptops definitely create a big sound.

The MSI GE and GT series also showcases the first ever Per-Key illumination of the keyboard. This helps players receive real-time stats and gain more complete control over their gameplay. The new keys promise improved response and tactile feedback, thanks to optimum placement offered by mechanical covers.

Finally over to the screen, there’s another first for MSI here. The GE and GT series are the only laptops with a 120Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time. These help those vibrant visuals really pop and have a stunning range of colour. The GE series come in 15.6- and 17.3-inch variants, while the GT75 VR is a 17.3-inch model.

Over to graphics, the GE series pack NVIDIA’s GTX 1070 cards for optimum performance, while the GT75 VR casually boasts their biggest GTX 1080 card.  Intel’s latest Kabylake processors hum in the background with the help 16GB RAM units. Storage comes with a 256GB SSD for the GE series and a 1TB SSD for the GT75 VR. Both come with a 1 TB SATA drive as well.

MSI GE63, GE73 Raider and GT75 VR: Price and Availability

As of launch, the models are already available at Virgin Megastores in the UAE. The GE63 is retailing at Dh8,999, the GE73 Raider is retailing at Dh9,299 and the GT75 VR 7RF TURBO sells at a whopping Dh15,999.


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