9 days left to become a MSI Dragon

The gaming brand's Team Dragon initiative aims to help amateur gaming teams turn pro, and pro teams to excel

MSI Team Dragon

Late last month, MSI revealed the launch of a sponsorship programme very new to the Middle East. The gaming brand is giving 25 amateur gaming teams a once-in-a-lifetime chance at a year-long sponsorship. With an MSI sponsorship obviously comes a lot of gaming goodies. With just nine days to go till the May 17 registration deadline, teams can sign up through MSI’s website and Join The Dragon.

MSI is looking for energetic, enthusiastic and high-potential amateur gaming teams to take them across the world to compete in e-sports tournaments. The advent of e-sports has hit the shores of the UAE and MSI wants to cultivate a new generation of professional gamers from the region. Sponsored teams will be decked with MSI’s fantastic gaming rigs and full peripheral support. Teams will also get a free replacement once a year during the sponsorship period.

No team is complete without a jersey. MSI is throwing full support to its teams helping them design and create their unique team kits. The chosen teams will enjoy full promotional support of their brand through MSI social media platforms as well as collaborating in MSI’s content creation.

If you’re a budding gamer, lover of e-sports, part of an amateur team or just have a lot of gamer friends, this is your chance! Sign up before May 17 and you could be one of the luck few to get into Team Dragon.


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