Could the Motorola Razr be making a comeback?


The Motorola Razr phone is making a comeback. Yes, you heard that right. The cult classic flip phone is being revived as a smartphone with a foldable screen. Lenovo and Verizon might join forces to resurrect this masterpiece.

From what we’ve heard, the Razr will have a foldable screen, making it more than just the hinge. Below is the illustration of the patent, or what it could look like. There are talks about it having compatibility with MotoMods as well, but nothing has been set in stone.

Price and Availability for the Razr

According to sources, the price tag for the Motorola Razr should be around the $1500 mark (Dh 5,505). As to when it will be available, we can only fold our phones and pray.


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