Motorola to launch at least 12 Moto Mods a year

Motorola seems to be the only smartphone-maker taking the modular idea seriously, as evidenced by its newly revealed plans for Moto Mods

Moto Mods

John Touvannas, Director of Lenovo’s Moto Mods, told CNET: “Our goal is to get more Mods out this year than we did last year, no question.” Motorola is aiming to release at least 12 Moto Mods every year. That’s an ambitious commitment as well as an exciting one. Partnering up with third-party suppliers and big-name brands such as Hasselblad and JBL, gives Motorola a lot of options to play with. Such partnerships aside, Motorola is also working on linking up with crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The partnership will see Motorola crowdsource ideas from the public, giving away Moto Z phones and Moto Mod dev kits as prizes.

The future of modular smartphones are uncertain right now. Google’s scrapping of Project Ara delved a big blow to modular dreams. LG dabbled with the G5 but didn’t get any traction. Motorola has been a big proponent of modular technology, evident heavily in its latest Moto Z and Moto Mods. They seem to be doing really well too, with more than 1,000,000 Moto Z units sold so far. It’s a great phone with a nice array of available mods catering to a variety of users. If we are to judge the future of modular phones by Motorola’s push of Moto Mods, one can say it’s looking good.

The Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod not only allows your phone to project a 70-inch screen onto any flat surface but also adds 1,100mAh battery life to your device

The current library of Moto Mods includes Hasselblad’s beautiful True Zoom camera mod, JBL’s thunderous SoundBoost Speaker, the very convenient Moto Insta-Share Projector that comes with a nice little stand, a heavy-duty power pack with a 2,200mAh battery along with a variety of Style Covers. We’re excited to see what Motorola comes up with for 2017. What kinds of Moto Mods would you like to see?