Microsoft Xbox Series X photos tell us about its port selection


The wave of next-generation consoles is upon us. And it will not be long before we start hearing about them officially. But until then, we have to rely on leaks and slip-ups. Earlier at CES, the Xbox Series X was the subject of heightened speculation after AMD used a fake render of the upcoming console as part of its presentation. Now, alleged photos of a prototype console have appeared online.

No more HDMI-in

The photos first appeared on Twitter and were later said to be authentic by Thurrott. In the image, you see the Series X’s vents, two Type-A USB ports on the rear, an optical audio port, Ethernet, one more Type-A USB port on the front and a power input.

Do you think this is the final deal? (via Doug – XBOX SERIES X)

Aside from the recognisable ports, there is also one mysterious rectangular one. Apparently, this is for diagnostics. The alleged console is also marked with a serial number where it says “Xbox Product Name Placeholder”. This does not give us much but somewhat reinforces the authenticity of the leak.

Not a finished product

Even though these photos may be legit, they cannot be taken as any indication of the final Xbox Series X. And that is because there is still almost a year left before the console will make it to the market. It is more than likely that Microsoft could alter this design between now and then, or this leak could very well be a disposed off early prototype. But if the final design is indeed going to take cues from this leak, the lack of HDMI-in suggests Microsoft backtracking from Xbox’s focus on TV features.