Microsoft releases July update for Xbox One

New update comes with fixes and new features


Microsoft has officially started rolling out the July update for the Xbox One console. The new update brings features that were expected to arrive soon. This includes FastStart and Groups, the former announced at Xbox’s media showcase at E3 2018 and the latter tested by alpha users last month.

FastStart will use machine learning to identify and prioritise files to be downloaded, allowing users to start up their game sooner, while the rest of the files download. This feature is available only for a few titles as of now. However, it was presented in the context of Xbox Game Pass, and the update will make it available for everyone. Microsoft also claims that FastStart will allow users to load up their games twice as fast, although this will have to be tested.

Groups, on the other hand, will help users to sort games and apps on their system. This feature will also let users create customised groups, complete with custom names, and pin it on their home screen. This works similarly to Pins, offering more customisation options. Pins is also a group by default and you can create more.

Other features include the option to press Y anywhere in the dashboard to bring up the search, along with updates for the Mixer. Additional updates include keyboard and mouse support for PC and multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices. Microsoft has also focused on streaming and broadcasting. For this reason, the update will come with a full-screen broadcast feature as well as a viewer leaderboard for the most active stream viewers.

The update has started to roll out for all Xbox One consoles. If you have not received yours yet, it might just be a waiting game until the update comes to your region.


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