Microsoft Event: Who’s laughing now?

Cutting-edge Surface stuff proves the Redmond-based giant is no longer a computing has-been

The swanky Surface Studio. Image: Microsoft

Once in a while, a tech product comes along that takes not only your breath away but also your sense of humour. The shock and awe is especially intense when that product is from a company considered to be too dull and boring to whip up anything spectacular. In other words, a company that has been at the receiving end of witty quips and smart aleck comments for years.

Yes, we’re talking about you, Microsoft. This granddaddy of computing has an image problem — it’s seen as a slo-mo enterprise tech company, largely out of sync with what the cool crowd wants. In short, it is no Apple.

But at yesterday’s Microsoft Event, the company out-appled Apple with the stunning Surface Studio and the Surface Dial accessory. Other noteworthy announcements were the affordable Windows VR headset tech, the not-so-affordable Surface Book upgrade, the revamped Paint app that now does 3D, a smartphone app that scans in 3D, Windows 10 that will become more social… overall, this was an event that left the audience enthralled.

No wonder the reactions on Twitter have been more wow and less ROFL. Seems it’s difficult cracking a joke with gaping jaws.