Microsoft defines the future of console gaming with the Xbox One X


It seems the traditional console generations are no more. Sony and Microsoft are locked in a constant battle to one-up each other as and when their technological ability allows. We were first introduced to Project Scorpio at last year’s E3. At the time the promises were high and expectations were unclear. One year later, Microsoft has taken to the E3 stage to blow away all gamers, PC gamers included, with the culmination of its Xbox Scorpio project: the $499 Xbox One X, releasing 7th November 2017.

What’s Inside and Outside

It is significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, being able to run certain games at 4K/60fps. The insides are comparable to a PC gamer’s rig. Coming from someone that’s a PC gamer first, the Xbox One X is a pleasant surprise. It features a custom 8-core AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, 6 teraflop GPU clocked at 1.17GHz and 12GB of GDDR5 video RAM. Microsoft claims it’ll be capable of 4K/HDR gaming with Dolby Atmos support (the Xbox One already supports this). 4K TVs are slowly finding their way into most living rooms but if yours isn’t one of them yet, though you have till November to make the investment, the Xbox One X can make games look better in 1080p as well. Thanks to its supersampling and extra horsepower, you’ll definitely see the most beautiful version of the game on your full HD.

The Xbox One X comes with a 4K Blu-ray drive, like the Xbox One S. Microsoft had to developed a liquid-cooled vapor chamber to keep the Xbox One X’s hardware from overheating. PC gamers will be very familiar with this concept as its a common technique in keeping powerful rigs cool. No console has ever resorted this method so it should give you a very good idea of just how crazy the technology packed inside is. It should also help alleviate the dreaded Red Ring of Death that plagued the Xbox 360.

With obvious comparisons to PC gaming behemoths, don’t imagine a massive, bulky box. Microsoft has managed to fit in all this power within a sleek box. It’s an all-black box, like the original Xbox One, but its top portion hangs over a slimmer base. It like Microsoft streamlined the Xbox One S design. Surprisingly, the company claims the Xbox One X is its smallest console ever.

Xbox’s VR Future

Microsoft is delivering on its promise of 4K and VR it made when it announced Project Scorpio. The Xbox One X specs are a breeze for VR gameplay and can’t be compared to PlayStation 4’s VR capabilities. The PlayStation 4 was created to just about handle VR whereas the Xbox One X is created specifically for VR. Microsoft hasn’t mentioned anything specific on what’s to come in terms of VR gaming on the Xbox One X but we know they’re thinking about it. Expect a lot more on this to be revealed closer to its launch date later this year.


So, what are you going to be playing on this gaming behemoth come launch? Microsoft has announced Forza Motorsport 7 will be launching alongside the Xbox One X. It’ll run at 4K/60fps. Microsoft is also listing games that will be able to take advantage of its added horsepower, similar to what PlayStation did with its latest Pro console. All games will be able to run on all Xbox versions with varying degrees of graphical beauty.

4A Games is also working on Metro: Exodus for the Xbox One X, the latest title in their long-running post-apocalyptic shooter series. It’s going to be an open world installment of the series, showing off incredible detail in the game’s trailer.

Assassins Creed: Origins will also land on the Xbox One X allowing players to explore the origins of the Assassins in beautiful 4K. A popular PC game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also headed exclusively to the Xbox One X. Fans of FPS on console are going to love this news. The Xbox One X has a strong lineup of games with more to be expected with time. Some other titles include: State of Decay 2, Deep Rock Galactic, and Dragonball Fighter Z.


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