Mesuit runs Android on your iPhone

Just in "case" you prefer one operating system over the other


We tend to see companies adopt varied software to best suit their hardware. Sometimes, one software may not have something another does. After its initial success in China, Dubai-based e-commerce firm Gizmaze looks to bring the Mesuit case to the UAE. The gadget retains the functionality of a smartphone without boasting a display and bridges iOS with the Android operating system.

The functionality of Android in a sleek build for iPhone

iPhone users will be able to slip their smartphones into the casing through the lightning port. Gizmaze says it will allow them to switch between iOS and Android easily via Mesuit’s proprietary software. The casing provides access to the user interface as well as Android’s native apps. This means you will be able to download Android applications on your iPhone without having to pay for them on iOS.

Enjoy apps that may be paid on iOS for free via Android’s Play Store

But its functionality goes beyond just software. The sleek casing also adds a sim card slot and 16GB of storage to your iPhone. This not only makes the Apple device dual-sim but also allows you to store more content on it. The cell powering the case acts as an additional battery for the smartphone complemented by Mesuit’s energy-efficient eight-core CPU. You can also recharge the case using the incorporated lightning connector. Mesuit claims the gadget eliminates the need for carrying two smartphones by offering a lightweight solution that looks classy.

You can add a further 16GB of storage to your device

Having been approved by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of the UAE, you can buy the Mesuit case now via Gizmaze. For the iPhone 6/6S, the case will cost Dh699 with the same for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus costing Dh749. An additional 10 per cent discount is available if you register with Gizmaze in February.