Merlin to launch patented Intellisense technology at CES 2016


Merlin Digital, a Dubai-based technology company, is set to present its range of wearables in the health and biotech industry at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With its most recent developments in health and biotechnology-related virtual reality wearables, including its patented technology, the IntelliSense Coherence Kit, Merlin is set to take the market by storm with an application and device that reduces stress through controlled heart rate monitoring and breathing trainer.

VR Headset
Merlin VR Headset

The IntelliSense Coherence Kit is a virtual reality-based rhythmic breathing trainer that simultaneously measures the autonomic nervous system through an intelligent heart rate variability monitor. Complete with a virtual reality headset, the device when strapped to the body and connected to the earlobe will gauge the effects of stress. The IntelliSense Coherence Kit has been created to discover greater ‘heart intuition intelligence’, aimed at improving cognitive abilities and simultaneously reducing stress through images that invoke a sense of tranquillity. To be made available globally soon after CES 2016, the IntelliSense Coherence Kit is equipped with its own IntelliSense HRV app that acquires data from the heart rate monitor, while employing the abilities of the kit to decrease stress and blood pressure levels. The application is available for free on Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

HRM - Ear Clip
Merlin Ear Clip


HRM - Chest Strap
Merlin Chest Strap

“We are excited to be launching our Coherence Kit to the market through such a massive platform as CES 2016,” said Sharad Hiro Bachani, Co-founder and CEO, Merlin Digital. “The kit basically gives you three exclusive virtual reality environments to relax in, while the application keeps track of your daily heart rate variability and provides biofeedback simultaneously. The need for such a device arises from the stressful working situations that have plagued our daily lives, and while there are so many applications and products to salvage the body from stress and fatigue, there aren’t many options to combat stress at an internal level, which is important for mental well-being.”

Merlin Digital will be the first local brand to be exhibiting its various consumer electronics at CES.