Skysnug – could this be your ultimate travel partner?

Did you ever think you'd need something that combines hoodie, Bluetooth headset and neck pillow? Well, Skysnug does just that


Travel is a big part of our lives. Whether it’s a road trip with family and friends or flight to your next vacation spot, it’s always a tasking ordeal. You pack a neck pillow, headphones, sleep mask and more to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

Merlin – Skysnug

Merlin Digital, a UAE-based tech brand, claims to have a solution. It’s called Skysnug.

The Skysnug on a very freaky mannequin (Image provided)

As you can see, it’s a neck pillow, hoodie and Bluetooth headset all in one. The neck pillow is said to adjust to the shape of your neck thanks to high-density foam. The hoodie is detachable and made from “premium sweatshirt material” (LOL). The Bluetooth headphones will provide you with five hours of playtime and the neck pillow has buttons to help you connect to your devices as well as answer or end calls.

“The SkySnug is a hassle-free product that offers multiple functions at once and allows easy access to any smartphone,” says Rohit Bachani, Co-Founder of Merlin Digital 

Price and availability

The Skysnug will be available at Dubai Duty Free, Virgin Megastores and other retailers for Dh225.

What do you think? A useful innovation or a gimmicky toy?