Mercedes me Connect makes your Mercedes smarter than ever


The automotive industry could not be more competitive at this point. Every car manufacturer is vying for attention from car-buyers, especially the millennials. What’s better than hi-tech integrations with online portals and mobile apps for Mercedes to get noticed by this elusive generation?

Source: Mercedes Benz USA Youtube

Mercedes me connect

Mercedes-Benz is offering customers a service that allows them to connect with their cars anytime, anywhere and control certain functionalities. It can be done via the Mercedes me portal and App.

Functions and Features

Remote Engine Start allows users to start or stop their vehicle from anywhere and pre-condition it to their last setting.

Remote Parking Assist lets users be James Bond, giving them the ability to control the parking maneuver from outside the car.

There’s also a Standard Services feature that offers Maintenance Management, Breakdown Management, and Accident Recovery.  

For executive on the move, Mercedes has an In-Car Office feature. It uses the locations of calendar entries and automatically transfers them to the car’s navigation system. Using this function, drivers can also dial into a conference call on the basis of a calendar entry – the system automatically detects the required PIN access code and simultaneously dials it.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience is built to really make life on the road easier. Through the app, drivers will be alerted to traffic incidents or approaching emergency vehicles.

Drivers will also be alerted in case something has bumped into the parked vehicle or if it has been towed away.

The app will also be able to predict preferred radio stations to frequently driven routes to regular phone calls that take place on a specific day.

The Mercedes me connect will constantly learn routines allowing it to suggest specific activities on display on the given day. 

If your phone can keep track of what you’re doing and what you like then why not your car? The app is available to all new Mercedes-Benz car owners owning models post December 2017 production.


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