Mercedes Benz GLC 300 Tech Review – MBUX does it again!

If you’re looking for a car which provides a great drive and is tech-heavy on the side, this might be a great option


A few weeks ago we got our hands on the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC 300. The mid-sized car comes with a 1.9-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine and pushes out 258hp with a top-speed of 240km/h. It’s a smooth drive and is great for the roads of Dubai but that’s not what we’ve got it for. The GLC 300 is packed with tech on the inside including the MBUX system which we first checked out in last year’s A250 and fell in love with. 

We had the Premium+ version of the car on which you’ve got a beautiful panoramic sliding sunroof, new LED lights and a great amount of space on the inside. As you enter the car, you’re immediately attracted to the beautiful leather and metallic-feel button and toggles all over the car. Now while the leather might be a bit of a pain on a sweltering hot day in Dubai, there’s a whole load of features in the car to tackle the same. 

The MBUX or Mercedes Benz User Experience system is the company’s attempt at adding technology to their cars which their users are used to. Swipe features like on your smartphone, voice-commands through their ‘Hey Mercedes’ functionality and one of your favorite toggle systems are all part of the MBUX experience. 

GLC 300 MBUX Interior
The beautiful interior of the Mercedes GLC 300 catches your eye as soon as you sit inside

MBUX on the GLC 300

The first piece of tech in the car you will obviously want to play with is the 10.5” (1920×720) display smack in the center of the dash board. The screen is the home for the MBUX system and comes with all the customizations necessary for the driver. From the screen you can customise your driving experience, control media, change the ambiance of the car and many other settings in the car. Now I’ve said this before but I absolutely love the interaction with the entire system. 

The right side of the controls on the steering wheel

There are four main ways to interact with it. Firstly is on the main 10.5” display itself, second is the trackpad in place where gearboxes conventionally are, third is through the right side of the steering controls and last but not least is through voice commands. 

While you’re driving the easiest interaction is from the steering wheel. On the right there are 2 buttons, 2 toggles, 1 scroll and a small trackpad for you to interact with the system anyway you wish. This is my favourite way to interact with the system. It works as smooth as butter and finger movements seems extremely natural. 

The ‘Hey Mercedes’ functionality seemed a little buggier than the last time is used it. I’m not sure what the reason for this was but I don’t think it’s a major issue with the car. On the overall if I asked for a call to be made or a change of track the functionality worked fine. The car also comes with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay but my love for the MBUX system kept me using the main system on most occasions. 

GLC 300 Main display MBUX
The main MBUX display on the GLC 300 is interactive, easy to use and smooth!

Navigation on the system is great and an absolute pleasure to look at. It’s got great graphics and is pretty up-to-date for most locations in Dubai. If you need a wider location database you’ve always got Google Maps. 

Second Dash and Steering Wheel 

The left side of the controls on the steering wheel

While on the roads, what’s the first thing we’re taught? Both hands on the steering wheel at all times. The MBUX system takes this rule to a whole new level with customizations to ensure your hands are on the steering at all times. In front of the steering is a beautiful display with all the information you will need while driving. As mentioned earlier, while the front of the right of the steering controls the main dashboard display, the left side controls your cruise control/ speed limiter and the smaller display. 

Here too customizations are immense. You can change the theme of the entire display, change the information you see. For example, if you’re closely following the GPS, you can have one of the dials replaced with the GPS while the other shows you your speed. 

GLC 300 MBUX display
Customisations on the display in front of the steering are just what your need while on the road

Whether day or night, there are no visibility issues with the displays. 

MercedesMe and Other Tech

Last but definitely not least is the MercedesMe app. A one-stop shop for all your cars information and even some control. Once opened, you can see your fuel capacity, car’s status, lock or unlock doors and even switch on the car. The app also allows you to book or next service or contact the Mercedes team for any issues you might have. 

GLC 300 MercedesMe app

Understanding current features of smartphones, the GLC 300 also comes with a wireless charger and USB type-C connectivity.

On the overall the Mercedes Benz GLC 300 offers a whole suite of technology for a user. The MBUX system, slick displays, extreme controls and the MercedesMe app provide the user with a comfortable and safe driving experience. 

Is there anything else you would like to know about the Mercedes Benz User Experience? Let us know in the comments below. 


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