Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer debuts at EA Play


The new Mass Effect has finally been revealed. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the latest installment in one of the most prolific RPG game series from one of the best story-telling studios out there: BioWare.

We got a look at the trailer during the EA Play event and the graphics are beyond beautiful and lifelike. It was hard to note the transition between the game and when they showed their designers working on the game. It all seemed within the same world.

A lot of fan service is done in the trailer in the form of familiar alien species being featured. The game is described by BioWare as having “more freedom than we’ve ever given players in a BioWare game” along with a brand-new cast.

One can only imagine how immersive this game will be when BioWare says that.

In the trailer we are introduced to a female protagonist, the first for the series, who has been tasked with travelling “millions of years” into the future to a new galaxy called Andromeda in order to save mankind.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released in early 2017 as opposed to its original 2016 launch date.