Marshall launches Bluetooth headphones with superior looks and tech

This set looks pretty good and rocks the latest Bluetooth tech


Marshall is stepping into the wireless headphones game with its distinct retro design baked with superior technology. The Monitor Bluetooth headphones come with the latest Bluetooth aptX technology. The headset promises exceptional audio quality with higher transfer and audio decoding bitrates, giving users what should be a superb listening experience. This new technology from Bluetooth also promises to minimise audio/video sync issues with a 30-foot wireless listening range.

The headphones are instantly recognisable as Marshall headphones with a rugged black vinyl finish. It uses brass details with a heavy duty cast metal hinges. A brass button on the left ear cup is used to control the headphone and device. Marshall promises more than 30 hours of listening on a single charge, which should give regular users a good two days of use without needing to plug in.

Bluetooth headphones are becoming incrementally better with every new release. Marshall has a beauty on its hands and we expect it to fare as well in real-world testing. The brand made a name for itself in rock music, and music in general, thanks to its iconic amplifiers. Over the years, Marshall has extended its traditional design aesthetic into products such as speakers, headphones and other accessories. The headphones are globally available to buy though the web store for $249 (Dh915).


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