Lynx: a real-life robot powered by Amazon

Are we staring at the future?


We recently talked about AI assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. The concept of talking to your speaker or phone is cool but does not quite give the feeling of a real conversation. Ubtech Robotics is aiming to change that with Lynx. At the ongoing CES 2017, the company introduced a living and dancing robot assistant powered by Amazon’s AI.

The Chinese company has been responsible for creating educational and interactive human-like robots in the past. For Lynx, it has combined the technology in robots with speech recognition, language comprehension and a search utility with the help of Amazon. This creates a fascinating human to robot interface. While it may be cool for many, it can be pretty creepy for others.

Lynx is a cute, mobile and useful robotic assistant powered by Amazon’s AI

The robot is intended to be an extension of Alexa. You can tell Lynx to set reminders, schedule tasks, ask for the weather and more. It also comes with a camera built into it. This can be used for facial recognition, providing remote access to your home and to conduct video calls over Wi-Fi. Combining its features makes for a very useful assistant constantly ready for your commands and following you around.

Amazon’s AI has been doing the rounds this CES. It’s been seen in more and more hardware devices including speakers, cars and now, robots. The software definitely has a lot of potential and flexibility and we will have to wait how it is fine tuned to suit a robot.

Lynx will most likely cost between $800 (Dh2,900) and $1,000 pricing it much higher than current AI speakers. With the added mobility though, the pricing may be justified. Do you see a need for Lynx in your smart home? Let us know below.


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