Logitech Pebble M350 and M190 Review: Meant for different purposes


Logitech is a staple name when it comes to mice. While the Pebble M350 is meant for certain situations, the M190 is an all-rounded mouse. Both sport wireless connectivity, via 2.4GHz in the M190 and via 2.4GHz and Bluetooth on the Pebble M350. But which one should you be picking up?

Pebble M350

Given its profile, the Pebble M350 is a compact mouse. Its thin design makes it ideal for when you are on your travels but this comes with a sacrifice in build quality and comfort. Primarily made of plastic, it will pick up wear and tear quite quickly. And for traditional claw-grip or palm-grip users, its downward-sloping design will be difficult to adjust to. But for fingertip-grip mice users, this is a passable solution. We do not think the design holds up well for extended daily use but for the odd occasion when space in your travel bag is tight, this could be a handy companion.

The flat profile of the mouse makes it difficult to adjust to

The mouse comes with a Type-A USB receiver and a AA-battery, both of which are stored under its magnetic top cover. Speaking of this, here is where you find its two buttons and a scroll wheel. The buttons are not tactile and rather mushy although this allows for extremely quiet clicking. After a while, you tend to get used to the mouse’s click feel. The scroll wheel though is fairly comfortable and responsive to use so we have no complaints there, although a feature to unlock it for smooth scrolling would have been nice to see.

Using the fingertip-grip with this mouse is the best use case

Underneath the mouse, you find buttons for pairing as well as power. Pairing both via Bluetooth or the mouse’s receiver is quite intuitive so it definitely gets a few ease of use points here. But the sensor on-board the mouse is nothing great. It has a fixed 1,000 DPI and no options for customisation whatsoever. Depending on your cursor’s natural movement speed, you may have to tune things to match your workflow. However, the experience will fall quite a short when doing creative work or gaming. Moreover, the bottom lacks any rubber grip which makes the mouse uncomfortable to use on harder surfaces with a mouse pad definitely the way to go.


Featuring a larger design, the M190 packs a more traditional mouse design. It may still not be long enough for palm-grip users however for claw-grip and finger-grip users, it is good. It is still made of plastic however Logitech has done well to include accents of grip on the mouse’s buttons and on the side. We just wish that instead of plastic like the mouse’s body, these grips were made of rubber. Nonetheless, we feel this mouse could be a viable solution for longer term usage in an office environment. Plus, the blue and black cues on it are a nice design touch.

Ergonomics on the M190 feels more like a traditional mouse

As for buttons, you get the left and right clickers that feel like a traditional mouse with the scroll wheel housed in the centre. The wheel feels similar to the Pebble M350 and once again, we are satisfied with its responsiveness. In this case though, it is the bottom of the mouse where you find access to the battery, Type-A USB receiver and the power button. Pairing is quick and intuitive and the overall usage experience has been fairly good.

The curved design of the M190 allows for a claw grip and a viable palm grip in some cases too

We feel the mouse’s design allows it to work on its fixed 1,000 DPI setting here. So while the Pebble M350 struggled, workflow is much better on the M190. However, this is a personal preference. Once again, aside from the standard buttons, you cannot fine-tune or customise things any further. But given the mouse’s form factor, this one is a definite recommendation for basic day-to-day tasks in an office environment.

Our verdict

While the Pebble M350 is restricted to a specific use case scenario, the M190 is more flexible. Given both these mice offer similar functionality and 18-hour battery life in different designs, your choice will come down to your workflow. If you value packing space during travel and do not mind adjusting to the Pebble M350, it is a decent choice especially with its added Bluetooth functionality. But if you are looking for a mouse suited for multiple scenarios, the M190 comes out on top.