Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Review: Literally perfect for anywhere


Logitech has been at the forefront of computer mice technology for a very long time. They have never disappointed. Some of my early computer mouse purchases were Logitech and I’ve always swayed towards this brand when looking for a reliable, multi-purpose mouse.

The last few years have been dominated by the MX Master and the Anywhere series offering up premium workhorse models and compact models alike. I’ve spent a couple of weeks with the MX Anywhere 3 and to say the least, it’s been grand!

Work From Anywhere Mouse

The MX Anywhere 3 is the perfect work/study/play companion to anyone who is on the move or looking for comfortable efficiency. Right out of the box the MX Anywhere 3 feels like a compact but premium piece of technology that guarantees an easy and fun experience. When I made the switch from my previous mouse to this one, there was a noticeable difference – it took a few minutes to adjust to just how smooth and quick it was. I had to revise all my mouse setting to adapt.

The crux of the mouse, as stated boldly in its name, is that it can be used absolutely anywhere. Logitech claims it can track on “virtually any surface, including glass” helping people work for anywhere – something that’s become a lot more relevant over the past year.

I tried the mouse on a myriad of surfaces and environments and it never disappointed. I tried it on a glass coffee table, leather sofa, cloth sofa and even plastic bags. It worked flawlessly.

It’s a fully wireless mouse with a built-in 500 mAh battery and a USB-C charging cable. Logitech claims a 70-day battery life that I have yet to confirm as it’s only been a couple of weeks of consistent use.

Evolved Scrolling & Use

The MX Anywhere 3 inherits the fantastic MagSpeed Electromagnetic scrolling system that was part of Logitech’s 2019 MX Master 3. This scrolling system is made from high-quality stainless steel offering 2 scrolling options: ratchet and smooth.

The electromagnet allows the wheel to scroll through a thousand lines of text in a matter of a second if spun fast enough. It allows the user to control how far they want to travel on a page. It’s highly intuitive and can redefine how a user scrolls through lengthy webpages or documents.

Just below the scroll is a button that I kept mistaking for the mouse’s 3rd click button. However, it switches between the ratchet and smooth scroll options. Aside from these, there are 2 customizable side buttons located on the thumb-rest. By default, they help you go backwards or forwards on a webpage but Logitech has taken it a step further with predefined app-specific profiles.

They can be used for “Redo” or “Undo” functions in several apps from Adobe’s Photoshop or Premiere, to Microsoft Office. In video conferencing apps they can be used to mute or unmute your mic and the list goes on. Using the side buttons in tandem with the scroll will allow a user to horizontally scroll a page when required as well.


The MX Anywhere 3 is my new favourite and permanent mouse. I spend a good chunk of every day on my laptop with varied kinds of activities from writing to scrolling to playing around with editing software. I don’t need a heavy-duty mouse, just something I can easily stow in my laptop bag while I’m on the move and work on any passable surface, be it in a coffee shop or on my sofa. This mouse has ticked every requirement by never making me realize something isn’t right.


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