Logitech beefs up its wireless PC gaming with new bundle

The Next-Generation Wireless Desktop


Logitech has been a forerunner in PC gaming accessories market for decades now. It used to lead the market before Razer and others stepped in. However, it still produces quality tech for its loyal fan base. The latest from Logitech is the G603 wireless mouse, which uses the brand’s proprietary Lightspeed technology. The technology promises to cut latency down to a millisecond and comes with a new optical sensor called Hero, designed for higher efficiency.

Up next is the G613 wireless mechanical keyboard, offering a comfort to almost all PC gamers with satisfyingly deep key clicks. The G613 also comes with Lightspeed promising every-so-little latency. Logitech claims just two AA batteries will give its wireless keyboard 18 months’ usage. The keyboard comes with six programmable keys and Logitech’s Romer-G mechanical switches. This technology allows the keys to actuate at a distance of just 1.5mm, claimed to be 25 per cent shorter and faster than “the leading competitor”. It helps in a “near-instant” responsiveness and helps minimise fatigue over long gaming sessions.

Rounding up the wireless bundle is the G840 Extra-Large Mouse Pad. Though it’s being called a mouse pad, it’s actually the size of a table and is meant as a base not only for your mouse but also for your keyboard. Which is great because not only do keyboards need a nice base, the whole set just fits nicely. Logitech is calling this “the next-generation wireless desktop”.

Each product will be sold separately. The wireless mouse comes in at $69.99 (Dh257) releasing this month. You can get your hands on the wireless mechanical keyboard for $149.99. The mouse pad will come out next month with a price tag of $49.99. For a total nearing Dh1,000, you can get yourself equipped with the next-generation of wireless desktop gaming. Not only will you be beating out the competition thanks to Logitech’s superior tech, LAN party logistics will be simpler.


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