Experience life in a LG Suite here in Dubai


Growing up, I never imagined machines as mundane as the refrigerator and washing machines as something I’d ever consider to be cool. TVs, yes. Hi-Fis, sure. But not a fridge. A few years ago, the R&D team at LG decided to prove a point – that these appliances can not only be high-tech but also sexy. At the LG Suite, I got to try them out first hand.

Fast forward to 2019. I’m tapping a card on a sensor to access a suite at the millennial-friendly Zabeel House in The Greens. It’s no ordinary hotel accommodation – the hotel has partnered with LG to give members of the media a glimpse into life with the South Korean brand’s bleeding-edge, premium home appliances.

The LG Suite: A study in modern urban design

Even without the Signature line-up’s high-tech home appliances, the LG Suite is a study in modern urban design. I’ve seen these shower fittings in an Amsterdam Airbnb – jet black, high pressure and simple-to-use. There’s a glass wall painted with motivational quotes that are just generic enough to be interpreted ironically – and therefore cool – separating shower from one of the two toilets in the suite. There’s an oval bathtub and a wide sink for side-by-side brushing.

LG Styler

The bedroom has the LG Styler in the far corner. A tall tech-fitted cupboard with touch controls on its front, the Styler was made to take the labour out of laundry. Using only water, it steams and deodorizes a used set of clothes: my collarless shirt, my wife’s cotton blouse and a pair of chinos. A bit of ironing is still needed before they’re ready to wear for a night out, but they do smell cleaner – even the armpits of my shirt (I’m a sweater). The process takes about half an hour.

LG’s Styler steams and deodorises clothes, which means you can wear your favourite garments a little more before they need a wash

LG’s Signature PuriCare

My wife has mild asthma and a dust allergy. As a result, she often wakes up sneezing and blowing her nose in the morning. With this in mind, I suggested she sleep on the side of bed where LG’s Signature PuriCare air purifier stood.

The air purifier came to life when I sprayed cologne on myself while stood next to it

It’s a large device, nearly 83cm tall. A steel touch-sensitive control panel encircles the digital display, which measures three kinds of particulate matter (PM) surrounding the machine in micrograms per cubic metre. With the reading at a green 10ug/m3, I sprayed myself with liberal amounts of cologne while standing next to the machine. The figure shot up to 150, display turned red and a small fan on top popped out and began pushing out purified air at a faster rate. Cool.

LG TWINWash Machine

Having (sadly) stayed in the suite for only a couple of days, we didn’t get time to run the TWINWash machine. Capable of running two separate loads simultaneously – ideal for, say, whites and coloured clothes – the TWINWash does something else that seems crazy: It can detect the amount of soil in your pants, shirts and blouse and automatically deliver the optimised amount of detergent.

The TWINWash can handle two loads of different temperatures and colours at the same time. You can also tell it to begin a cycle remotely through the app

The lower TWINWash Mini compartment is ideal for garments that require a different kind of care, such as lingerie or a football kit, and can run a cold-water wash while the main compartment handles a hot load. Like the other appliances in LG’s Signature line-up, the TWINWash plays with LG’s IoT app, SmartThinQ. Here, you can track the machine’s water and electricity consumption, as well as set timers for wash cycles to start – useful for if you have to stay back at work a little late but need clothes for tomorrow fresh by the time you get home.  

LG Signature Refrigerator

With all our meals taking place at Zabeel House’s restaurants, we didn’t manage a massive grocery run to fill up LG Signature refrigerator, though we did have the chance to play around with a few of its cooler features. The one that stands out most, of course, is the InstaView door. Knocking twice on the mirrored glass panel over the fridge’s primary compartment activates a light inside, allowing you to survey the contents without opening the door.

While it may seem a novelty on the surface, LG says not opening the door prevents a loss of cool air, which means the fridge has to work less hard to maintain the low temperature inside – simultaneously increasing its lifespan while lowering your electricity costs.

The auto door-opening function is handy too, in situations where you’ve got a pack of meat in one hand and a can of Coke in the other – place a toe under the door pops it open. There’s also a range of air filtration and hygiene technologies that work to maintain freshness of the stuff you place in the fridge. Like the other appliances in the LG Suite, the InstaView fridge is compatible with LG’s SmarThinQ app, which lets you set the temperature, control Express Freeze and HygieneFresh functions and remotely diagnose any problems in the appliance through the app.


The one thing we spent the most time with in the suite was LG’s C9 OLED TV. With the South Korean brand’s ThinQ AI software baked in, tapping the microphone icon on the remote and saying “BEIn Sports” pulled up the relevant listing in the device’s app store and let me download the app with just one more button press.

Then there was the picture. The grass has never quite looked as green to me as it did on the football pitch during the North London Derby. Moving over to the Netflix app, Dolby Vision and Atmos support took Natalie Portman’s Annihilation and turned it from an already visually impressive experience into an absolutely stunning feast of colour and sound.

Plugging my PlayStation in for a Horizon Zero Dawn session was a treat too, with protagonist Aloy’s red hair flowing in the rays of sunlight as she stalked a metallic beast in the forest. And this was on a standard PS4, not the upgraded Pro. An utterly spoiling experience. Then again, the same could be said of all the appliances in the LG Suite.