Liquid-cooled Asus GX700 laptop upgraded at Computex

Asus GX700

Just as we got done savouring Asus’ beautiful liquid-cooled GX700, we can now look forward to the upgraded GX800 announced at Computex 2016 in Taipei, Asus’ home base. If you saw our first look and unpacking video, you know the GX700 was the craziest thing to come out of the ASUS ROG series yet. But the upgraded GX800 makes things even sweeter.

The GX800 will launch with the Nvidia SLI GPU, because one graphic card just doesn’t cut it anymore and with all the fanfare around Nvidia’s latest GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 graphic cards, the GPU-maker would have convinced Asus to upgrade “the most powerful gaming laptop in the world” just months after the GX700’s launch. It’s been upgraded to Intel’s K-series CPU that’s been known to favour overclocking and there will now be two 330W power supplies connecting to the dock to ensure the liquid cooling stays on track. Something I sorely missed in the GX700 was a mechanical keyboard and Asus has listened. The GX800 will come with a mechanical keyboard that has multicolour LED keys you can customise to your heart’s content.

Asus GX800 Keyboard

ASUS is keeping the final spec details under wraps for the moment and we can’t wait to see what the final product will pack. Meanwhile, have you seen our overview of the GX700? Check it out below.





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