Linksys launches beastly open-source WRT3200ACM at Gitex

This device packs plenty of punch but its open-source options are what fill us with so much want


Linksys recently announced the next generation of its WRT routers, named the Linksys AC3200 WRT Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router (Yes, it’s a mouthful). The router comes stuffed with features but most interesting are its open-source customisation options.

Linksys AC3200 WRT Gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router


The device is being touted as the fastest dual-band router available. The WRT3200ACM supports MU-MIMO technology too. What does that mean? Simply put, when a router has standard MIMO technology it prioritises one device over another based on varying factors but with MU-MIMO (Multi User MIMO) the router can provide dedicated connections to each device. According to Linksys, this means you can stream 4K video on up to 20 devices as if they had one dedicated router for each device.

Open source

One of the WRT3200ACM’s main features is that it’s open source-ready. So users (who know what they are doing) can customise the device to create web servers or hot spots, reduce latency and more. Such routers are heaven for gamers.



Another very important feature of the router is that its maximum channel width is 160MHz, which is twice that of most devices in the market. Linksys suggests the router is able to achieve speeds of up to 2.6GB per second thanks to its increased channel width and three streams.

Smart Wi-Fi

Last but not least, the router also comes with compatibility Linksys’ Smart Wi-Fi app. The app allows you to monitor your router, its performance, functionality and more. You can even keep a tab on whats being used on at home while you’re travelling in case the kids are up to no good. Parental controls are also included along with restriction of certain websites or types of media. The app is available on both iOS and Play Store.

Pricing and availability

The WRT3200ACM is priced at $280 (Dh1,029) but there seems to be no news yet on local availability. We’ll update you as we learn more.

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