Life is good with smartphone action photography


While smartphone cameras are still unable to compete with high-end DSLRs, the gap is closing. Despite their shortcomings, the flexibility of smartphones leaves them well-equipped to capture content that is off limits to traditional cameras. From 360 Virtual Reality-ready content and action photography to wide-angle shots, the ability of smartphones to interact with companion devices or smart accessories will prove to be the difference to most consumers.

The development of digital photography has proven to be just as important as the invention of the first camera. By allowing users to instantly see pictures and easily spread it around. Now, in the smartphone era, most people have cameras on them at all times. mr-yong-geun-choiThis prevalence of cameras has been instrumental in the rise of social media and has helped enhance our imagination as well as transcending our augmented reality.
“The exposure to different exciting ways of photographic technology with the variety of applications available on our smartphones has shaped the world around us. LG is on a mission to create a more futuristic and interactive experience for users to ensure their memories are captured, preserved and shared uniquely,” said Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE.

The Future of Social

Many industry watchers predict that panoramic 360 degree panorama images and videos will be the next big trend in social media. 360 degree cameras give consumers the ability to capture immersive, lifelike scenes from every angle. LG-360-CAMWhile the technology is still in its infancy, Facebook, YouTube and other major players are already touting the format as the next big thing in online content. LG’s 360 CAM is the company’s first foray into the emerging 360 photography market and one of the first truly affordable consumer 360 degree panorama camera. The potential for integration with VR headsets is truly noteworthty.

“The potent combination of cameras and smartphones has the potential to change society far more than the initial invention of photography ever did. Far more than preserving still images, internet-connected cameras now serve a wide variety of functions and lifestyle benefits. LG is at the forefront of smartphone and camera technology, setting the trend not only in terms of utility but also by adding value to consumers’ many different lifestyles,” Choi added.