LG is bringing a levitating speaker and its Signature line-up in 2017

LG's Signature range was built with a remit to match innovative design and function. And it'll be here soon...


LG is keen to begin the new year with some intuitive products. As we approach CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the company aims to “mesmerise” the audience with a levitating speaker. This will be followed by a roll-out of LG’s Signature appliances.

The PJ9 speaker hovers above a levitating station when in use. The lack of visible wiring or contact with any surface makes for a very stunning sight. This effect is achieved with the help of powerful electromagnets built into the station.

The modern appearance fits into any living room nicely

The speaker’s design is inspired by turbine blades and provides 360-degree omni-directional sound. The company states the speaker is capable of producing deep bass thanks to the subwoofer embedded into the levitation station as well as flush mid-range tones and crisp highs using LG’s Dual Passive Radiator technology.

With playback rated for ten hours, the speaker is capable of delivering music and podcasts over Bluetooth. Using the company’s Multipoint feature, the device supports up to two connected devices for added convenience. When the battery starts to run low, the speaker will automatically descend back to its station and wirelessly recharge without interrupting ongoing music playback. IPX7 certification enables the speaker to be used in outdoor environments without any difficulty.

LG’s Signature Collection

The Signature line-up aims to provide a unified ecosystem

The company is also set to unveil its Signature line of products in the GCC. The range includes the OLED TV and refrigerator, both of which are intuitive to use and offer unrivaled simplicity. For domestic use, the Signature air purifier offers a visual interface via its transparent panel and TwinWash washing machine balances efficient performance with innovative energy-saving technology to appeal to individuals and families alike.

The company says the line-up will be available in the first quarter.