LG V30 comes with new UI and an updated secondary display

The V30 also has button-free unlocking and some funky photography features


LG continues to try its hand at innovation with its V series. We’re always excited to see what the South Korean brand comes out with and now we’ve been given a peak at the LG V30’s brand new UI and how the device’s staple secondary display will work. With just two weeks to go for its launch, we’ve compiled a list of everything we hope to see.

Rumours aside, this news comes straight out of LG. The V30 will be powered by the brand’s in-house developed UX 6.0+. The static second screen we’ve seen on the V10 and V20 has finally been put to rest but the concept lives on. V30 users will have access to a floating shortcut bar. LG says this will allow for quick access to frequently used device functions, and can be removed from the display when not in use. The company doesn’t really elaborate on this feature but suffice to say there isn’t much to add. The shortcuts bar focuses more on function than form or design, which makes sense to your average utilitarian user.

LG V30
The static secondary screen staple of the V series has been replaced by a floating shortcut bar

Based on the screenshot provided by LG, users will have shortcut access to a note-taking app, a calendar app, favorite contacts and settings. LG also noted that the Always-on Display has been overhauled too. Instead of showing just the clock, now it can also display Quick Tools (seemingly the same as the Wi-Fi, flashlight and Bluetooth toggles seen on the LG V20), the music player or a personal photograph.

LG also announced Graphy, a new option/service accessible via the V30’s manual camera mode. This, LG says, will give users access to presets such as white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. It’s basically filters in the form of options and settings professional photographers would use. It’s a smart take on image filtering and makes it easier for everyday users to produce professional-grade images. Not stopping at images, LG has included programs for creating and editing videos from pre-existing photos, and GIFs can now be made using an option in the Gallery app.

LG has added a unique kind of facial recognition to UX 6.0+ on the LG V30: it apparently allows you to unlock the device while the screen is off, without pressing a button. This will arrive in addition to a secure voice unlock option, which also wouldn’t require any button pressing. We’ll know a lot more and confirm all previous rumors in two weeks’ time at IFA 2017.