LG V30 promises unparalleled “immersive sound”

Brand new leaked image of the LG V30

News for the LG V30 continues to trickle in from leaks and official sources alike. The latest news comes from the brand itself, which claims the V30 will offer a superior audio experience “unseen in a smartphone before.” Bold claims from the Korean manufacturer in a press release that was issued earlier. LG says the V30 will feature a 32-bit advanced Hi-Fi quad DAC that offers more customisable options than the Hi-Fi quad DAC that was part of the V20.

LG V30 – Audio

This updated model’s Hi-Fi quad DAC will have a couple of new features: digital filters and sound presets. “Even with ordinary equipment, LG V30 users can experience much of the high-quality audio enjoyed by listeners using expensive headsets,” says the release. The distortion rate in the V30 has been cut down to 0.0002 per cent, while the device will include technology that facilitates high-resolution audio streaming. The handset’s HD Audio Recorder will be capable of using the audio receiver simultaneously as a microphone. These are some very interesting features we can’t wait to test out.

LG also notes that B&O Play has fine-tuned the overall sound experience in the V30, while also adding its own exclusive touch. Like its predecessor, the V30 will also come bundled with a set of B&O Play earphones. LG had recently released a new video teaser for the phone, highlighting the “immersive sound” experience feature. The V30 is slated for release at this year’s IFA on August 31.


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