LG V20 image leaks show it’s keeping the second screen


LG did something quite different from the V10 from all the other manufacturers and introduced a second always-on display at the top bit of the screen for notifications, widgets and any other important information you choose. It had an interesting reception from critics and users alike. Some didn’t mind it, some thought it was pointless and just a gimmick. It’s definitely not something one needs, but for quirky users, it’s a decent add-on.

Prolific and reliable tech leaker Evan Bliss has uploaded a high-resolution image of the V20 showing the always-on display still there. It’s also worth noting the screen looks practically vanilla without any bloatware or unnecessary apps or widgets. In the world of leaks, one leak always seems to set off a chain reaction. Phone case maker Ballistic has posted what looks like renderings of the V20 within a transparent case with a fortified bumper. The image gives a nice look at the front and the full back of the phone. LG is also going the route of the dual camera with its V20 that can be clearly seen in the renderings of the back. No surprise here and its fingerprint scanner is placed right below.


The V20 will be unveiled on September 6, so you won’t have to wait too long to see what the final device will pack in. The V20 will also be the first smartphone launching with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat.