LG V10 all set to receive Marshmallow updates


As we breeze through 2016, more and more devices are receiving Marshmallow updates. Since Google N is already out there (for devs), companies need to catch up with Marshmallow on their flagships soon.

Next in line is the LG V10. The roll-out began in Turkey and South Korea and other countries should follow suit. In order to be sure of bugs and other related issues, LG began the roll-out of Marshmallow for the V10 in only two countries. What is also known is that the phone will be receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow, not 6.0.1. It’s not really a massive issue, since both versions will come with Direct Share, improved app permissions, Doze mode and a better DND mode. LG’s own features include an improved brightness slider, the new Knock Code settings and LG Air Drive, which is the new name for the LG Bridge.

Keep checking your phone for updates. It could be out any day now.