LG Q6 is a mini version of the G6

The Q-riosity over LG's next mini flagship heightens


Often times, we want flagship-like specifications in a smaller form factor. The LG G6 was able to do that to an extent but was still unwieldy for many. To somewhat address this, the company recently shared a teaser video of the new Q6 smartphone:

So why can’t this be a teaser for the South Korean brand’s upcoming V30? First, we think it is a bit too early for that. And secondly, a lot of emphasis seems to have been made on the letter “Q”. The description of the video reads: “A full, exQuisite view is what you need. Q-rious?”

All hints point to an imminent Q6 or G6 Mini. We can expect it to have the same 18:9 display from the LG G6 as seen in the video and a bezel-less design. Unfortunately, it won’t carry top-of-the-range specifications.

According to various reports, a 5.4-inch Full HD panel is expected alongside the 1.4GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor and 3GB RAM running the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat. We’re also hearing claims of a 13MP camera but nothing on whether it will inherit the G6’s dual-lens setup. Recently, the phone’s details also leaked on a benchmark database where it was sporting the LG-M700 model number.

Leaked benchmark scores point towards a low to mid-range offering

While these specs aren’t particularly exciting, the market for the phone is definitely present. If LG prices the Q6 accordingly, it could see a good deal of success. However, with the budget smartphone segment so competitive, the brand would need to work hard in marketing the handset.


We can expect more to be revealed on July 11 when the phone is set to be announced. While availability for the device is not yet confirmed, expect the smartphone to pop up locally in the next month or so.

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