LG One: Quick is a new way of working

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The LG One: Quick is a display solution so revolutionary that its arrival brings with it a whole new category. It has the potential to change and expand how individuals, coworkers and teams communicate in the new reality of remote working.

LG One: Quick Works

With the LG One: Quick Works, you find an advanced 55-inch 4K UHD video conferencing display for all-around productivity. It delivers seamless interactive communication for smooth and productive office meetings.

Red Dot Design Award: LG One:Quick Works (55CT5WJ)
This is the LG One: Quick Works

The all-in-one solution features a built-in Windows PC, crisp 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker and digital whiteboard. You can either use LG’s built-in video conferencing solution called One: Quick Remote Meeting or a variety of shortcuts to effortlessly install popular video conferencing applications. LG’s One: Quick also offers easy-to-use management and control features. Ready out-of-the-box and free for the first six months, its video conferencing application works seamlessly to share documents in various formats or perform real-time interactive drawings.

LG One: Quick Flex

If you are looking for versatility, the LG One: Quick Flex is designed for a variety of business use scenarios. This includes small group meetings, one-on-one discussions and ground presentations. Its application is excellent for hospitals, schools and homes where people may be working, learning or talking to others remotely.

Displaying LG-One-Quick-Flex.jpg
Using the LG One: Quick Flex

It features a wide 88-degree field of view camera with a display that rotates to both landscape and portrait modes. Furthermore, you also find a split-view mode for easier multitasking. Complete with a microphone and camera, full touch pen support and whiteboard functionality, it can be mounted to a movable stand for easy transport.

LG One: Quick Share

Lastly, LG One: Quick Share gives users a chance to share their laptop screens with compatible LG digital signage models. After a simple connection process, you can share your PC screen simply by pressing the button on the One: Quick Share USB dongle.


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