LG launches its new QuadWash steam dishwasher

Will LG's QuadWash steam dishwasher do the trick?


At the LG Home Appliance & Air Solutions press tour in Seoul, South Korea, LG announced its new QuadWash dishwasher. According to LG, the dishwasher is going to come with a number of unique features that address some of the major complaints dishwasher users have.

LG QuadWash dishwasher features

In the press tour, LG showcased its TrueSteam technology. The company says this technology will be able to generate high-temperature steam particles that help in cleaning. In essence, the usage of hot steam particles before and after the main washing cycle helps loosen up tough stains while reducing the occurrence of undesirable water spots.

The LG dishwasher in silver colour

The dishwasher also comes with what LG calls QuadWash technology. As the name suggests, it makes use of four spray arms to enhance dishwashing capabilities. The arms are capable of making multiple series of motion at once to improve water reach for cookware of all sizes. The dishwasher also comes with an adjustable upper rack that can be set to three different predetermined heights. In addition, the LG SmartThinQ app allows users to monitor cycle times and receive alerts when cleaning is complete. It also allows for additional downloadable content for personalised washing needs.

LG showcasing its QuadWash technology (via LG)

Lastly, the new dishwasher from LG also promises to improve energy efficiency while also reducing operational noise.