LG G6 ditches modular design

The company is said to be focusing on the aesthetics and usability of the smartphone

Goodbye, Friends

LG’s current flagship, the G5, came with a modular design. While the idea was innovative, consumers didn’t seem to catch on. The extra modules (“Friends”) not only added extra cost but didn’t bring too many useful features to the table. With profits turning into losses, the South Korean tech giant has decided to get back on board with the basics with the LG G6.

At the ongoing CES conference in Las Vegas, the company announced that it will not be building on the LG G5’s modular design for the G6. Instead, LG is looking to focus on the smartphone’s aesthetics and usability. This does not come as a surprise considering that LG didn’t include a modular design in the V20, which launched just six months after the G5.

Did you actively use any of the LG G5’s modules?

The official confirmation debunks previous rumours about the G6’s modularity, but it does not shed any light on its new design or specifications. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, LG’s Chief Technologist Skott Ahn said the G6 will make its debut in the “very near future”. He also reassured LG’s mobile division is here to stay with no plans to sell or spin it off as a separate entity despite the struggles.

The LG G6 looks set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in just over a month. It is expected to boast high-end specs such as a glass build and the recently announced Snapdragon 835 processor. With no official pricing details, the phone will likely be available between $500 (Dh1,837) and $600, initially on sale in North America, Europe and online only in China.

A leak showing the alleged LG G6 boasting a premium build

Having seemingly cut down production costs, the company will look to make the most of that with their future flagship. Are you happy with the approach LG is taking with the G6? Let us know below.