LG gets ready for CES 2017 with everything but the G6

LG to unveil new smartphones, a projector and smart appliances at CES 2017.


LG is looking to impact a large proportion of their market at CES 2017. With their event scheduled for tomorrow, the company has lined up a whole host of products.


With the company looking to tackle the mid-range market, LG is to introduce a refresh to their K series as well as the Stylus 3. The smartphones combine the best from LG’s flagship lineup featuring a 120 degree wide angle front camera lens as well as rear fingerprint scanners.

The K10 is the company’s best offering which combines a 5.3-inch HD display with camera optics from their flagship G series. In addition, users enjoy the convenience of a fingerprint sensor and a sleek metal finish. The K8 too features the 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras with LG’s intelligent UX features on a smaller 5-inch HD display. Both these smartphones perform on multi-core processors and Android’s latest 7.0 Nougat for a rich experience.

LG K Series.

The K4 and K3 appeal to those looking for basic necessities. While the K4 borrows much of the K8’s experience barring display resolution which is set to FWVGA (854 x 480), the K3’s sleek form factor comprising of the 4.5-inch display of same resolution claims to offer more than the competition. Its 5MP primary camera and 2MP front camera are more than capable of capturing vital moments.

In addition, LG’s Stylus 3 builds on the successes from its predecessor. It offers a complete smartphone experience with a fingerprint scanner and the ability to write on the display. The 1.8mm diameter fiber-tip pen simulates an actual pen and offers convenient functionality with the company’s Pen Pop 2.0 and Screen-off Memo.

LG Stylus 3 and its colors.

With the above, LG aims to create a product segment that is suited for many customers yet maintains consistency. Both the K series and Stylus 3 offer a premium build, replaceable batteries and micro-SD expansion which are key features to someone looking for a smartphone at this price bracket.


As the leader in LED projectors worldwide, the company aims to impact the home cinema experience with their LG ProBeam. Its innovative I-shaped laser allows for a sleek and lightweight design at 2.1kg and produces a brightness of up to 2000 lumens. This makes the ProBeam the lightest Full HD projector in the market.

LG ProBeam

The on-board Sound Sync Adjustment allows viewers to pair the ProBeam with any external speaker while support for Miracast is great for playing content via smart devices. Combining LG’s award winning webOS platform allows users to take advantage of various streaming services and growing sports channels either in their living room where the ProBeam seamlessly blends or on camping trips.

Home Appliances

With LG’s Robots, the company looks to ease complicated tasks in an efficient manner. Their ‘Hub Robot’ aims to act as a personal assistant to consumers and also serving as a smart home gateway. Robots to enhance the gardening experience and ones used to make travel experiences better are also expected.

Continually pushing innovation, the company is also looking to showcase their Deep Learning technology. This allows appliances to better understand customer needs with the help of in-built sensors and Wi-Fi. The technology is to be seen in LG’s Robot vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and air conditioner.

LG Robot vacuum cleaner.

LG’s Robot vacuum cleaner is capable of understanding the layout of a room using its sensors and surface images. The intelligent cleaner will remember obstacles as well as wires and shoelaces to avoid tangles. Combining its features, the machine generates the best cleaning route that maximizes efficiency.

LG’s air conditioner.

Their refrigerator senses lifestyle habits to understand when it is optimum to use power saving mode and regulates temperature based on the food present inside. It can also automatically sterilize food to prevent spoils in humid conditions. On the other hand, the air conditioner senses consumer patterns over time. It can use this data to prioritize the cooling of certain areas before others, providing a relaxing atmosphere.

With the company set to discuss other products, CES 2017 will bring a massive overhaul to their lineup.