Check out this House of Cards on a shock-absorber-equipped washing machine

house of cards washing machine

This is one of the coolest stories you’ll read today.

LG Electronics and professional card stacker (yes that’s a designation) Bryan Berg, set a new world record for the tallest house of cards built in 12 hours.

Yep no big deal right? But here’s the kicker. The 3.3-meter tall, 48-story house of cards was built on a running LG Centum washing machine while it was spinning at 1,000 RPM.

If that’s not enough, the stunt also earned them a Guinness Record.


“We are thrilled for Bryan, who achieved a special goal, while also helping to highlight the technological innovations that exist in some of today’s home appliances. Appliances should no longer be viewed as noisy, disruptive machines but a home companion that can coexist unobtrusively in any kitchen. This record-breaking event was a creative way to drive this point home.”
Jo Seong-jin, CEO and president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company

This was possible mainly due to the fact that the Centrum system uses a new damping system fitted with shock absorbers, similar to those found in automobiles.

How cool is that? Well played LG, well played.