Now you can roll up your TV and put it aside

Keep on rollin', LG


It’s time for CES 2018 and we’re in for a whole lot of juicy tech launches and future teases. One of the first comes from LG Display.

The rollable TV

Only a few years ago, LG Display showed off a beautiful 18-inch OLED display that could be rolled up like a newspaper. Bendy and rollable displays have been teased by various display-makers for years.

This year, LG Display has scaled its 18-inch prototype to a whopping 65 inches with UHD resolution to top it off. It’s still a prototype but we’re hoping it’s closer to hitting the market.

Crystal Sound technology

The TV will come equipped with LG’s Crystal Sound technology, which embeds speakers right into the screen. The slender nature of OLED tech allows it to act as a membrane for audio. A pair of tiny speaker drivers are able to deliver vibrations into the huge OLED screen, producing sound. The entire screen vibrates. It obviously sounds very cool but LG claims it makes for a much more immersive audio experience. Imagine having sound come through the image you’re watching instead of a bar at top, bottom or sides of the screen.

The future of television looks brilliant and we can’t wait for LG’s official presentation at CES to know more about the South Korean tech giant’s rollable technology – and when we can expect it to hit our living rooms.