Lenovo’s Yoga Book is all things to all people. And we want one!


Is it a note pad or a drawing board? A tablet, perhaps? Or maybe a laptop? The new Lenovo Yoga Book is all these things and more.

It basically gives you everything you’d want in an all-round gadget, but still manages to be stylish, compact and super light.

The Lenovo Yoga Book sports a Halo keyboard

While the idea of the virtual keyboard isn’t new, the Yoga Book takes this concept to another level. The Halo keyboard switches on and off at the touch of a button, without the bulk traditional keyboards add to the device, and without having to carry an external one around with you. Once you become familiar with the size and placement of keys, it’s quite easy to replicate your normal typing behaviour, also due to the matte surface of the Create Pad that provides enough texture. Haptic feedback brings it closer to the traditional keyboard experience.

During a quick hands-on experience at IFA 2016 we were surprised by how quickly you get comfortable with the compact, fully flat keyboard. It even has auto-complete and auto-correct, which comes in handy. The Halo keyboard also has shortcuts.

The Halo keyboard becomes the Create Pad

When the Halo keyboard is not in use, you can sketch, draw or write on the blank slate, called the Create Pad, using the other stylus. Again, your creations come to life on the screen in real time. The Real Pen can detect 2048 levels of pressure for a realistic representation of the force you use. Best of all, it doesn’t use a battery and is always on.

The Real Pen comes with ink cartridges and can write on normal paper

Then, those who thought the digital revolution would render pen and paper obsolete will have to reconsider. The Real Pen uses real ink on paper, and digitises the content instantly. This means the notes you took in that meeting can be in your inbox and ready to disseminate before you even leave the room.

The clamshell hinge makes this a versatile device that can be used in four modes

As with the rest of the Yoga line, the Book can be used in multiple modes. The clamshell hinge opens 360 degrees, so you can use it in tablet mode, pitch it like a tent to watch movies, use it as a laptop with the Halo keyboard, or lie it flat to write or draw.

The Yoga Book packs a lot into its thin body

The Lenovo Yoga Book is 4.55mm thin when opened, and weighs only 690g. It runs on an Intel Atom X5 chip with 4GB RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. The battery should last 12 hours on a single charge. It comes in gunmetal grey and champagne gold, and in Android and Windows versions. The 10.1-inch Full-HD touchscreen is also supported by Dolby speakers.

It will be available from October with a price tag of €499 (about Dh2,000) for the Android version and €599 for Windows. UAE price and availability hasn’t been confirmed.


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