Lenovo hosts its first-ever female gamer tournament in the UAE

With events like this, Lenovo aims to enhance female representation in gaming


The Girl Legion Cup, held in collaboration with Gamers Hub Middle East drew a host of gaming talent from across the UAE. During the course of the day, female gamers had the opportunity to socialise and compete. They challenged each other on popular titles such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

An inside perspective

Among the attendees was Kira, a UAE based girl gamer and streamer and Ranya aka Rita. They were also joined by Mariam Maher from Bahrain, one of the first female professional gamers in the Middle East. She plays Fortnite professionally for NASR Esports. There was also a panel of discussion detailing the emirate’s vision for e-sports in the future. With this, the aim is to encourage more women to pursue careers in gaming and the wider field of technology.

Lenovo’s commitment

As the world’s largest PC vendor, Lenovo has taken great strides in its efforts to enhance gaming. The highlight of this is the creation of its Legion sub-brand. This combines the latest innovations in processing and cooling technology for ultimate gaming immersion.

Female gamers from the region competing on popular gaming titles

The company aims to create gaming experiences for all. In Sweden, it established ‘The Silver Snipers’ comprising of members aged between 64-76 years old, headlining international competitions. In the UAE, Lenovo has created ‘The Dad Squad’, which is a group of five fathers united by their love for gaming.

A first step

Lenovo’s vision is built on the notion of creating a smarter technology for all. To achieve this, it is rethinking conventions on how the gaming community can become more representative of an increasingly diverse audience. Often, the perception is that the gaming industry is a male-dominated one. But in reality, the split between male and female gamers can be almost equal. The Legion Cup is the first step to providing female gamers with the platform they deserve. Lenovo hopes with future events, it can inspire the next generation of female gamers in the region.


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