Leaks reveal Samsung to be working on a 6000mAh battery smartphone

A battery of that size on a smartphone? Hope it's not as thick as a soap bar.


A recent leak has emerged from the South Korean test labs of Samsung. The leaked image might have just confirmed the recent rumors of Samsung working on an astounding 6000mAh smartphone. The only phones on the market right now that come close to this are Asus Zenfone 6 and Galaxy M20 with 5000mAh. So, will we see a 6000mAh battery smartphone from Samsung soon?

Could the Galaxy M20S be the 6000mAh battery smartphone?

Battery life has been the focus for Samsung with its M20 model. So it might come as a no brainer that speculations suggest the next generation M20S may rock the bigger battery. The Galaxy M20 is a relatively lesser-known mid-range device from Samsung that is mainly sold in India. It has a 6.3-inch 2340 x 1080 display, a teardrop notch and previously mentioned 5000mAh battery. Despite the bad quality of the leaked image, one number can be seen somewhat clearly: the 22.45 Wh capacity. Given that phones operate at 3.85 Volt, the battery capacity can be calculated to come around 6000mAh. Another set of numbers that are barely noticeable is the battery code EB-BM207ABY. Out of which the “M207” may likely refer to the SM-M207/ Galaxy M20S.

Leaked image of the 6000mAh battery (via Android Authority)

Additionally, the battery from the images seems to appear more or less like an average battery, although pretty thick. If this battery is going to be used in the Galaxy M20S, this may officially be our first leak of the device. These are just speculations at this point so we will have to wait for any further confirmation.